“Kids were told to be scared of the bogey-man, when they should be
afraid of the wolf in grandma’s clothes.”

Ida senses wolves from across the street, stinking like rotting garbage and fuelling her uncontrollable anger 

and ‘supposed’ vigilante behaviour. So when her Grandfather relocates them to her dead Mother’s childhood home, 

in a sleepy, rural village, Ida figures it can’t be worse than London. Nothing ever happened out in the sticks.

Turns out, she was wrong.

Plunged into a dark and mysterious world, Ida questions her sanity as she discovers that neither she, nor her Mother, 

are who she thought they were. But if she refuses to embrace her destiny and harness her anger, a deadly nemesis 

might just wipe out humanity from the face of the earth… and time is ticking.

Who is Ida Thorne?

by Gem Solity

A YA Fantasy novel, OUT NOW, as ebook & paperback

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